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Demi Lovato

Stay strong tattoos on her wrist are placed strategically to cover her scars from cutting. She said this about the tattoo’s:

"On her left wrist is the word “Stay” and on her right wrist is the word “Strong” with a heart which Demi says that she got “In honor of my fans and their support.” She explained:

The journey that I went through and the support of my fans was so meaningful to me that I wanted to thanks my fans in a way that I know can never be forgotten. So I went ahead and I got a little heart tattoo on my wrist. Together they say “Stay Strong” but this one has a heart, which is something that my fans actually were drawing on their wrists while I was still in treatment, and some people even got tattoos of it. So I wanted to show you guys that I will never forget the support that you guys gave me. And I will look at it every day and remember you guys and be completely thankful for you.”


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